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The technological systems related to housing.

Housing accounts

  • Regeneration HRA
  • Housing delivery - HRA
  • Housing projects - General fund

Database records

  • Decency
  • Non-decency

Software used by Lambeth Council

Financial management system: Oracle


Corporate complaints deal with general complaints. Housing complaints deal with repairs etc. The complaints systems is called iCasework.

Major works schemes satisfaction databases

https://moderngov.lambeth.gov.uk/documents/s2706/05a%20Housing%20contracts%20and%20leaseholder%20Satisfaction%20report1.pdf Any surveys identifying poor performance by the works contractor should be investigated to ensure that the Council is achieving value for money from its contracted services.

Call centre

Contract managed by Vangent. Call center in Hellaby (“Lambeth Living Board Minutes” 2012) and in Canada water (I think). used to be in London bridge. Automated call center ‘qiz’ introduced in 2012 (?). Provides figures for Lambeth Living/Housing monthly “Performance Digest”

Call center staff unable to request survey. Approach to managment of drains defined by higher position.

Possible General Dynamics Information Technology used…

SX3: Northgate Version 6

For details read: (Lambeth Borough Council 2012a) (Lambeth Borough Council 2012b)

The contract number for procurement of SX3 is: C003648

From procurment plan: (Lambeth Borough Council 2015) “Lambeth Residents have more opportunities for better quality homes” Housing Software, Supply and Support Integrated Housing management and repairs ordering software, supply, support, and consultancy.
25/11/2004: £3,774,138.00

[JOB NUMBER] (example) - These are reviewed by area surveyors in greenleaf house and assigned two codes from a “cost list”.

Roof, Gutter etc

[JOB CATEGORY] PI6=Super fast call out.

Considered essential for managing the £499m investment programme. Northgate have offered a special overall settlement price of £90,000 for all four Sx3 modules (Customer Services, Task Manager, My Portal & Key Details)

Decision: Lambeth Council have purchased new software modules to enhance the existing Sx3 Northgate Housing (Sx3) system. This is a Lambeth-owned system used by Lambeth Living, URH, TMOs, HRE, Revs & Bens & Legal Services. A Business Case was presented to the board of Lambeth Living in February 2012 and funding for the project was approved by SAMG on the 29th March 2012. In addition to the purchase of the Sx3 modules, Lambeth have also pre-purchased a total of 83 Northgate consultancy days to assist with the implementation of the Customer Services, Task Manager and Planned Maintenance modules, the Sx3 Major Works Recharges functionality, and implementation of Opti-Time 2 and of an integrated Asset Management System. Northgate will provide a named consultant for each of these projects, who will assist the project teams and facilitate solution design workshops. The implementation will be supported and project managed by Lambeth Living IT staff.

The new modules will improve services to residents, rationalise systems usage, improve data quality and reporting, establish greater audit control, and improve management efficiency in a number of business areas. It is proposed to implement the Sx3 Planned Maintenance as a project management tool for recording major works projects and managing planned maintenance. This is considered essential for managing the £499m investment programme. Northgate have offered a special overall settlement price of £90,000 for all four Sx3 modules (Customer Services, Task Manager, My Portal & Key Details) plus the Planned Maintenance module (with payment terms of £70,000 to be invoiced and paid by 30/04/12 with the remaining balance of £20,000 to be invoiced and paid by 31/12/12). This is a saving of £3,000 on the combined purchase price. In addition to this, Northgate has agreed to waive all future support costs for the 5 modules, giving a saving of over £146,500 + RPI increases over five years. 83 consultancy days have been pre- purchased from Northgate at a cost of £66,400 to support project implementation.

Publication date: 04/12/2012

Date of decision: 11/12/2012

Key documents

Housing Asset Management Strategy (???)

Estate Houshold needs survey

A search “Northgate site:http://www.lambeth.gov.uk” show the kind of info recorded by Northgate. Thes surveys are undertaken every ???. The informatyion thet provide is incorporated into the state of the bourough reports. - Northgate holds info on racial mix of residents. - subletting (though not robust as dependent of volunteering this info) - Gender (inc those born diff gender). - age - socio-economic profile (recieving housing benefit) - [EC EIA -Westbury Estate _ FINAL 27 Aug 15.docx - Lambeth]


New Draft Allocations Scheme mangebed by Northgate. Software designed in the 80’s.


email 2014 david watson davidjohnwatson@hotmail.com: Leaseholder Services have admitted they got the rateable values wrong on my Estate, both for blocks and estate.

A Possible Approach Ask for a list of all the rateable values on the estate. - make sure that all blocks are used in the calculations - even if they have no leaseholders - make sure all homes are used in the calculation - even if they were sold freehold - Do a walkround and check the properties

You can ask for previous years to be corrected.

Won’t bore you with the details, but by removing blocks that have no leaseholders from the calculation, they increased the service charges for some leaseholders by about 30%. By not including freehold properties, everyone else was paying 3% more.

David Watson Holland Rise House

https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/251800/response/625909/attach/html/2/Response%20some%20exceeds%20appropriate%20limit.doc.html WaitingListInfo: because shortlisting data is held on a separate system to other housing waiting list data and due to size of the database and the complexity of the query required in order to answer this specific question it would require us to employ an IT expert to extract this information, for two days at £500 per day.


(Eversheds LLP 2012) SX3 system, containing all data in relation to tenancies and tenancy management. This includes the following modules: Allocations, Rents, Service Charges, Property Purchase, System Configuration, General Enquiries and Customer Services

Following Service Commenceme nt, the Contractor must provide at least 60 days notice for any additional licences for the SX3 system (or any successor). The Authority will at any time provide up to 6 licences at nil cost

The Contractor will use it s own property management system for the purposes of pr operty management (repairs and maintenance and lifecycle records) and will provide reports to the Authority in a ccordance with 7.1.16 below.
In addition, the Authority requires a ‘read-only’ licence and log in to enable access to this system for data verification and validation purposes.

Northgate Housing application - changes to Myatts Field admin unit to include:

The Director of ICT Services will be re sponsible for granting permission for the Contractor to be given details of how to access the network. Each Divisional Director business owner of th e applications listed will grant permission for the Contractor to access the application to the Director of ICT Services.

SX3 security agreement is granted to a llow the Contractor edit access to all Dwellings and view only access to all other properties

The Contractor user access requests will be dealt with via a standard service request as defined in the current version of the Au thority’s “ICT Services: Service Standards” document.

Decants (moving a Tenant to another property within the Project Site) Off-Site Decants (moving a Tenancy to another property outside the Project Site) Right to Return (returning a decanted Tenant to a property on the Project Site) Property Closure (for a demolished property on the Project Site) Property Creation (for a new build property on the Project Site)

“Lifespan” asset management database. Then “Keystone”

Lifespan The original database used by Lambeth to mange assets.

Keystone Viridian uses the Keystone asset management SQLserver database to plan our long term investment programmes, understand the energy efficiency of our homes, as well as monitor our service contracts. We are looking for an Asset Information Manager who has passion, commitment and the database skills to use Keystone to drive the long term planning and budgeting for Property Services, this person will take responsibility for the analysis, interpretation and reporting of Keystone data.

How I found out this info FOI “LHS Investment planning up to that date was based on the stock data that was held in Lifespan the Asset Management data base, and extrapolated. It will in future be based on Asset Management data in the new data base-Keystone.” (Lambeth Borough Council 2016) https://moderngov.lambeth.gov.uk/documents/s41334/6b%20LL%20Asset%20Management%20Strategy%20March%202012%20v24%20for%20Bd%20Mtg%2028.03.12.pdf

Keystone “Viridian uses the Keystone asset management SQLserver database to plan our long term investment programmes, understand the energy efficiency of our homes, as well as monitor our service contracts. We are looking for an Asset Information Manager who has passion, commitment and the database skills to use Keystone to drive the long term planning and budgeting for Property Services, this person will take responsibility for the analysis, interpretation and reporting of Keystone data”. (Jobs Go Public 2014)

Asset Management Advisory Panel

Minutes of meetings (in relation to health): - “The ICT update will promote a change or working culture of staff and also open access points for residents” - “ITC hardware is needed to promote flexible working, develope a mobile workforce and increase productivity and deliver savings” - “” (Lambeth Borough Council 2011)

ICT strategy 2012

  • “using any device, at any time, anywhere”
  • “ICT to support Lambeth’s aspiration to become a cooperative council”
  • “This strategy provides the framework for engaging with partners within the council, and across new alternative service delivery vehicles… to enable the achievement of their business goals”
  • “There is a shift in power and responsibility from state to citizen, with the aim of working together to identify need, and to jointly design and deliver appropriate services.”
  • “Significant organisational changes will be required to adopt new models of sourcing and delivery”
  • “ICT need to introduce more service options, scalability and cost flexibility, and to extend the service to support a growing number of external partners of all sizes”
  • “by 2015 cooperative ambitions for the borough will be enabled through ICT (Information, Collaboration and Technology)”
  • “ICT will play a critical role in supporting Lambeth’s ambition to become a cooperative council and our strategy for 2012/2015 is focused on enabling this transformation” (including the ambitions of partners)
  • “Council information will be open by default available in reusable format(s), within statutory and regulatory constraints.” (???)

Morrisons/Meers internal system

Pinical: Planned maintanence

Estate Housing officer. - What work should be undertaken as part of Pinicals maintance contract?
- What type of requests are allowed to be input by whom?

Academy software system

Academy Information Systems, the local government software division of the Capita Group used by Lambeth Council to manage Council Tax.

Nation Builder: Resident communications

sendgrid.info www.nationbuilder.com

from: Pauline Foster - London Borough of Lambeth cressinghamgardens@lambeth.gov.uk to: Thomas Keene tomski777@gmail.com date: Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 12:11 PM subject: Next consultation event mailed-by: email.nationbuilder.com signed-by: sendgrid.info : Important mainly because of the words in the message.

Complaints system

The software used is called “Respond”. For missed appointments tenants would receive £20, which came from the contractor and not Lambeth Living (“Lambeth Living Board Minutes” 2012).

Stage One complaint: Should get responded to within 5 days. Should be action. Stage two complaint: Respond in one working day but should get a call on Monday.

Rapid repairs team should respond in ten days, they usually get in contact within 3.

Eversheds LLP. 2012. “Myatts Field North Project Agreement - Ho-Myatts-Field-North-Project-Agreement.pdf.” https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/sites/default/files/ho-myatts-field-north-project-agreement.pdf.

Jobs Go Public. 2014. “Asset Information Manager in Lambeth, Greater London, up to 100000 | Jobsgopublic.” http://www.jobsgopublic.com/job/asset-information-manager-ps-14-4226/rss.

Lambeth Borough Council. 2011. “Asset Management Cabinet Advisory Panel Minutes.” https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/281270/response/698952/attach/3/AMCAP\%20minutes\%20attachment\%201.pdf.

———. 2012a. “Customer Services and Planned Maintenance Modules - Northgate Housing.” http://moderngov.lambeth.gov.uk/documents/s51783/Northgate\%20Housing.pdf.

———. 2012b. “Decision - Customer Service and Planned Maintenance Modules - Northgate Housing | Lambeth Council.” http://moderngov.lambeth.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?ID=2799.

———. 2015. “15 18 Procurement Plan Internet Final.Xlsx.”

———. 2016. “Building Cost Model - a Freedom of Information Request to Lambeth Borough Council - WhatDoTheyKnow.” https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/building_cost_model?nocache=incoming-778561\#incoming-778561.

“Lambeth Living Board Minutes.” 2012. Lambeth Living, Arms Length Managment Organisation. http://moderngov.lambeth.gov.uk/documents/s51332/Minutes.pdf.